Seminar on best practices for entrepreneurial learning and integration of refugees

Madeira, Portugal

14-20 JAN 2023

The staff of the partner organizations gathered together to better prepare for organizing the activities that would help newcomers, refugees, and migrants to get integrated into local communities.

- Sharing best practices, approaches, and methodologies of providing entrepreneurship training, helping start entrepreneurial initiatives, including those involving digital tools, and sharing best practices of supporting online employment.
- Sharing best practices and achievements in supporting and integrating refugees;
- Equipping NGO employees with competencies and methods for their professional development, including for digital work, needed for transferring the common fundamental values of our society – solidarity, European democratic values, and human rights – both to the local communities and to newcomers;
- Together with a group of international partners, explore the topic of digital non-profit work, its objectives, and principles;
- Increase the capacity of NGOs to work for the benefit of people with fewer opportunities using ICT competencies;
- Create a better, more modern environment within the participating organizations due to obtaining new competencies and meeting the current societal challenges.

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The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


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My Madeira Island

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